Arrakech is an island, located in the Spine of Tebron, amongst the Empire Isles - the home of the Countess' Court and Guard.

High in natural resources, the north of the isle is festooned with iron mines - the mainstay of the Arrakech economy. Further north, the wild Orkish tribes are held back by border forts, the foremost of these being Keln Keep.

Ruled over by the Countess of Arrakech, the people are prosperous. Order is maintained by the Countess' Guard - both a peacetime militia and standing military force.

Having only recently discovered a Transport Circle on the island, trade in fine Arrakech goods have previously been limited to neighbouring isles, though there is much hope for an export market in the Heartland Nations.

The peoples of Arrakech also maintain a presence on the island of Ontarix, one of the Jewelled Isles of Lantia.


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