The members of the Court of Arrakech - those who have devoted their service to island and Countess in a non-military role. Bards, and wizards alike, privvy to the Countess' actions and doings.

The Countess
The Countess needs no introduction - as imperious as she is beautiful, she is the wise and judicious ruler of our island. The Countess Guard are sworn to her protection, and to that of the island. Decended from Varus Himself, we live and die for her.

Mallacki, Court Arcane
Haughty and mysterious, the chief mage of Arrakech alone has the Countess' ear in all matters. Defy him at your peril.

Countess' Whip
A shadowy figure, wreathed in secrecy, the Countess' Whip is a member of the Privy Council, tasked witht the gathering of intelligence, both military and mundane for Her Grace. His true identity is one of Arrakech's best kept secrets.

Madam Aconite, Alchemist
Actually affiliated with the Countess' Guard currently, as alchemical advisor to the Fifth Legion (due to the use of poision used in the assassination of former Court Bard Serenade), Madam Aconite is a wealthy socialite well known around the Court of Arrakech. Her husbands have all, unfortunately, suffered from ill health and infirmity and have left her a widow many time over.


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