Defenders of our isle, our military and peacetime force, the Guard are also sworn to the protection of Countess and are often seen in her company.

Ezekial Crane, Inquisitor
Inquisitor Crane is a member of the Arrakech Inquisition - a fanatically devout religous order, dedicated to the welfare of Arrakech, and in service to the Countess of Arrakech. The Inquisitors are seldom seen outside of Arrakech and information on them is slim at best.

Aralyn Cormallen, Captain
Captain Cormallen is the commander of the Fifth Legion of the Countess' Guard, a unit that rather being stationed at any one garrison, is mobile and is always positioned wherever the fighting is thickest, or where civil unrest is most likely. The Captain himself, is believed to now be temporarily assigned to the Inquisition.


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