The central religion of the people of Arrakech revolves around the first Count of Arrakech - Jonathan Varus. Known to be a widely loved ruler during his years, a fearless fighter without peer and a martyr to the people, He was the founder of modern Arrakech.

Widely referred to as "The True Varus" to distinguish him from the modern-day rulers of the isle, His name is invoked in matters of dispute, anger and times of war & combat. It is in His name that Arrakech Incantors call down their wrath upon their enemies, and in His name & descent that the First Family of Arrakech have always ruled.

His name has also always been attached to wealth and good fortune, as these are the principal measures of a family's success on Arrakech (the Varus family having always been without peer, owning over half of the Arrakech Iron Mines). The True Varus has always been known to shine upon ambitious merchants.

While some fringe religions have always had a minor foothold on the isle, it is the love and faith in The True Varus that has seen Arrakech people through times both bad and good.


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