Here are listed all those that have aided the Guard when in need. May Varus bless them with the strength to defeat our mutual foes.

The Lions of Lantia (formerly of Avalon)
The Lions, who first offered us aid of all the Heartland nations, despite their own peril. Now located but a comparitively short distance from the Isle of Arrakech, the Guard hope to strengthen our treaties and agreements.

The Avalonian Royal Siege Engineers
One of the military arms of the Lions, the Siege Engineers are known for their tactical prowess as much as for their superior firepower. Primarily an artillery unit, the Countess Guard are priveledged to be counted among their ranks.


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This site is created and maintained by members of the Lions Group "The Countess Guard" for the general amusement of other Lorien Trust players. All information within is IC, and may or may not represent game or IRL truth. You have been warned!