The Guard had continued unchanged for many years, until the Arch-Mage Mallacki rediscovered an ancient Transport Circle on the outskirts of the City of Arrakech.

In the initial foray of 1100, War Commander Nathaniel of Keln Keep was sent to investigate the area later identified as The Heartlands. Reporting back to the Countess and Court, it was decided to seek aid of one of the Heartland Nations, due to the domestic situation with Caleb covert insurgence.

From the information collated, it was decided to broach the issue of aid with the Lions Faction. The Countess was warmly received by the nobles of the land, and much aid was pledged in form of troops. Members of the Guard and Court also visited other Factions (most notably the Gryphons) but their receptions were found to be lacking. The decision to rely upon the Lions for assistance was made

But no aid was forthcoming.

At the time of the Gathering of Nations 1101, Arrakech was, as predicted, invaded by Caleb forces. Under the flag of the Countess' Personal Fleet, Calebii ships entered the harbour and decimated all vessels stationed there. Simultaneously, the Orkish tribes of the north, inspired by Calebii coin and arms, overwhelmed the border forts and fell upon the Countess' personal residence. All were massacred, without mercy.

Making good the Countess' escape, a contingent of Guard and Court fought their way through Calebii troops to the Transport Circle and fled to the Heartlands. Refuge was sought with the Lions Faction. Despite diplomatic overtures with the Caleb, the exiled Peoples of Arrakech were branded as insurgents by the Caleb Ursurper "Varus" and ordered killed on sight.

Existing on Ontarix, within the Lantian Jewelled Isles, the Guard and Court awaited the day when Arrakech could be reclaimed, and the rightful Countess returned to Her rule. Around Spring of 1102, however, reports were recieved on Ontarix that the Caleb had mysteriously vanished overnight. Initial forray's back to Arrakech proved this to be true, and the Countess and Guard returned home.

In 1103 the Countess of Arrakech Herself pointed out that the murderer of the Countess' uncle (the late Count Varus) is now harboured among the Lions faction. Since identified as one named Riff and found innocent under Lions Law, this has still put strains on relations between the Lions and Arrakech (though the treaty still holds).

Since then, 1104 has seen the assassination of Court Bard Serenade, and although the assassin was executed by the Inquisition, the mastermind behind the attack is still currently free - investigations are still underway.

The Guard maintain a heavy presence on Ontarix, and oversee the day-to-day running of the island, by the leave of the Lantian Court.


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